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UBE Chemicals (Asia) PCL.


Established on February 1, 2010 as a merger between Thai Caprofactam Public Company Limited and UBE Nylon (Thailand) Limited, UBE Chemicafs (Asia) Public Company Limited or UCHA is the only producer and distributor of Caprolactam, Ammonium Sulphate and Engineering Nylon Plastics in ASEAN region.

UBE Industries. Ltd. is currently a major shareholder. UCHA's current registered capital is 8.804 Million Baht. The Caprolactam and Nylon production technologies of UBE Industries. Ltd.. are one of the world's leading Caprolactam manufacturers with over 50 years of experience. Ammonium Sulphate is produced along with Caprolactam to serve in agricuttural market in Asian region as a Nitrogen-rich fertilizer. UBE Nylon is the first specialist manufacturer of engineering plastic "Nylon-6 resin" in Thailand. With our "UBE Nylon" series. UCHA plays a role to provide high quality and specialty products to customers throughout the world.

Located in IRPC Industrial Eatate. UCHA commenced Caprolactam and Ammonium Sulfate production in 1996 and currently has capacity of 540 KT/ year  and  130 KT/year of Caprotactam. The Nylon plant started producing Nylon-6 resin in 1997 and currently has capacity of 74.5 KT/year. Furthermore, to maintain the leadership status in engineering plastics in the region, UBE started Nylon compounding production in 2002 and currently has capacity of ืํNylon Compound 11 KT/year.

UCHA received numerous global certification awards including ISO 9001 certification in 2002. ISO 14001 in 2001 and OHSAS 18001 in 2002. In addition to achieve the global standards, the company continuously performs quality practice and process improvement such as Total Productive Manufacturing (TPM), KAIZEN and 5S.


Historical Milestones:CPL


December  1990    Establishment of the Thai Caprolacatm Co., Ltd.        
August 1996 Plant construction completed
August 1996        First feed-in of raw materials
October 1996 First caprolactam produced (70 k-TPA)
May 1997 Plant grand opening
May 1997 Performance Test Run completed
June 1997 Plant Acceptance
March 1998  First Plant Turnaround
March 2001 Expansion to 123% capacity (80 k-TPA)
March 2003 Expansion to 140% capacity (100 k-TPA)
March 2005 Expansion to 155% capacity (110 k-TPA)
February 2010 Become UBE Chemicals (Asia) PCL.                                            


Historical Milestones:NYLON


June 1995                           Establishment of UBE Nylon (Thailand) Limited
December 1995 Granted investment promotional privileges by the Board of Investment
June 1997 Nylon Production Commencement with a name plate capacity of 20 K TPA
March 2002 Compound Production Commencement with a name plate capacity of 6 K TPA
March 2005 Nylon Production capacity expansion up to 24.5 K TPA
April 2007 Official Start-up for UUCP Design & Construction
December 2007 Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony for UUCP Project
February 2010 Become UBE Chemicals (Asia) PCL.



 Achievements :CPL


December 1998 Prime Minister's Award in Safety
February 1999 ISO 9002 : 1994 Certificate
June 1999 Joined Responsible Care Program December
December 1999 TIS 1300 (ISO/IEC Guide 25) Certificate
March 2000 Fertilizer Laboratory Certificate
April 2000 Pollutant Laboratory Certificate
April 2000 TIS 1777 Certificate
January 2000 TIS 18001 & ISO 14001 Certificate
May 2002 ISO 9001 Certificate
July 2002 ISO/IEC 17025 Certificate
October 2002 OHSAS 18001 Certificate
June 2005 The best performance award of UBE Group in 2004
September 2005 Zero Accident Award from Ministry of Labor
May 2003 National Level Award in OSHE Management


Achievements :NYLON


July 2002           ISO 9001 Certificate
July 2003 UBE's Award to Excellence Group Companies
July 2004 ISO 14001 Certificate
May 2005 Provincial Level Award in OSHE Management
April 2006 OHSAS 18001 Certificate
May 2006 National Level Award in OSHE Management




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