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UBE Technical Center (Asia) Limited.


Research and Development :Etablished in 2004 through the vision of UBE GROUP (THAILAND) "Success driver through Innovative Technology and Operational Excellence", UBE Technical Center (Asia) Limited or UTCA was founded to provide not only services to UBE companies within Thailand, but also to provide the research & development (R&D) work and advance analysis services to all UBE companies globally and to outside customers.

Collaboration with Thai University : UTCA is currently collaborating with leading Thai universities and National Research Institutes in various research projects through an open innovation concept which will further accelerate Research & Development advancement in Thailand. UTCA has kept expanding the services and intellectual strength. And, The core research fields of UTCA include Chemicals & Polymer materials characterization, Catalyst research, Process & Molecular simulation technology, Process science and Design & Engineering.


Testing Service : UTCA pursues the testing service, research  and development for UBE Group as well as outside customers. With extensive equipments to support testing services to Nylon, Polybutadiene rubber and Caprolactam manufacturing bases of UBE Group in Thailand, UTCA has a wide range of  testing equipments for testing plastic,  rubber  and  petrochemical materials. 

Located in the newly built UBE Global innovation Center near the IRPC Industrial Estate, Rayong, the laboratory facilities were completed in 2009. UTCA has kept investing and expanding its facilities and equipments to become the most advanced and completed laboratory in the businesses in this region. Nonetheless, UTCA's one of the most importants investments is not only on facilities and equipments, but on intellectual strengths and human resources.


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