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Polybutadiene Rubbers

UBE Industries,LTD. is one of the major world producers of high-cis polybutadiene rubber with cobalt catalyst. And UBE has succeeded in developing various grades of polybutadiene by controlling molecular weight, linearity of molecular chain, and molecular weight distribution. Moreover, UBE has developed, by UBE's technology, a special type of rubber namely UBEPOL VCR®.

UBE has high technologies to adapt to user's needs widely and has a lot of business performance for many years and high evaluations from many customers in the world. 


UBEPOL BR® is the brand name for high-cis polybutadiene rubber.
UBEPOL BR® has attractive characteristics, which are excellent abrasion resistance, high rebound, low hysteresis loss, low temperature properties, and so on for rubber applications.
UBEPOL BR® also has outstanding characteristics such as high impact resistance, low temperature properties, heat resistance, recycling for high  mpact polystyrene.

UBEPOL VCR® is the brand name for rubber-resin complex.
UBEPOL VCR® consists of micro-dispersed Syndiotactic 1,2- Polybutadiene(SPB) resin with high-cis polybutadiene rubber matrix.
UBEPOL VCR® is improved on the processability and a lot of the physical properties of conventional polybutadiene rubber.

UBEPOL BR® and UBEPOL VCR® will surely satisfy your wide need of applications, such as; Tire, Footwear, Conveyer belt, Golf Ball, Hose, and Plastic modifier (High impact polystyrene).

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