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Established in 1995, Thai Synthetic Rubbers Co., Ltd. or TSL was the first Polybutadiene plant in South East Asia. TSL produces wide range of Polybutadiene rubber grades including UBE'S own original technology a special type of Rubber namely UBEPOL-VCR. The production technologies are licensed by UBE Industries, which is the trusted name in the global market for over 30 years. The technologies have provided TSL's high competitiveness with high efficient production processes.

TSL's Polybutadiene Rubbers are used as core components in many kinds of products such as automotive tires, High Impact Polystyrene or HIPs, sporting goods (shoe sole, tire, basketball etc.) and toys.

Located in IRPC industrial estate, TSL has a current capacity of 72,000 tons/year, and equipped with its owned world-class technical service and R&D center. 

Historical Milestones :

October 1995 Granted investment promotional privileges by the Board of Investment
December 1995 Establishment of Thai Synthetic Rubbers Company Limited
January 1998 Commenced production with a name plate capacity of 50,000 TPA for Poly-butadiene Rubber
April 2004 Production capacity expansion up to 56,000 TPA
November 2005 Production capacity expansion up to 72,000 TPA
May 2007 Commissioning of VCR Grade





Achievement :

May 1999 ISO 9002 : 1994 Certificate
July 2000 Prime Minister's Award in Safety
November 2000 ISO 14001 Certification
May 2001 Prime Minister's Award in Safety
May 2002 ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 Certificates
September 2005 Zero Accident Award from Ministry of Labo
May 2004 National Level Award in OSHE Management








The company's product is based on technology developed by Ube Industries, Japan and is designed to offer:

  •     Excellent mechanical properties
  •     Low Gel formation
  •     Wide range of product grades
  •     High degree of global acceptance



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