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Grow with Us

Employee development of UBE Group (Thailand)

UBE Group Thailand is learning organization and effective knowledge management to accomplish company’s vision through  “Success Driver through Innovative technology ” in order to enhance physical ,mental health , skill and abilities to have the competency to lead UBE to Innovative technology organization and sustainably operational excellence.

UBE efforts the key factors for the bodies of knowledge  development, attitude, physical and mental health continuously. Employee development comply with many programs such as functional training , Business Management & Leadership, Overseas Exchange  KM COP Kaizen & Innovation .


Funtional Training Program                                          






Focus on employees development, knowledge, skill as well as  abilities according to necessity core competency in order to  apply the  knowledge to their job function related to production,  maintenance, sales, marketing, human resources,computer,safety  divided  into basic, intermediate and advance level.


Business Management and Leadership Deveopment Program          






This program is designed for operation employees during 1-6 service years  to learn about basic operation such as knowledge management through community of practice (COPs) ,production, basic maintenance,safety system,mini leadership, train the trainer in order to understand their role and leadership in different situation including coaching capabilities and how to  transfer knowledge effectively so that they can adapt to the job.

This program is designed for supervisory staff during 1-4 service years learning about basic business concept (BBC)  , understand their job role, work with team effectively through “Leadership Development Program" and efficient leadership

Management staff   will attend Overseas Expansion Program (Global Business Leader Training) to familiar with cultural difference so that they get ready to work overseas in the near future. This program covers cross cultural management workshop, team building, negotiation and global leadership.


Education System Program  

This program covered basic knowledge for operation employees 0-3 service years to develop personal skills ,abilities, specialization so that they can work with  job assignment correctly ,safely according to company’s vision covered with occupational health and safety, safety in petrochemical plant, basic maintenance, basic chemistry and basic refinery process.


Innovation Program

This program is designed to encourage employees’ creativity  and innovative thinking so that they can develop new approaches to more efficiently, understand knowledge management concept and utilize organization’s knowledge such as KM ,COP, creative thinking, gnerateing ideas with mind mapping,analytical skill for problem solving,decision making,statistic process control and process mapping analysis.


UBE's scholarship

With our continual improvement of UBE Group, we provide Master’s degree scholarship in technical and management in Thailand as well as aboard.


Sustainability development program

Global Business Leader Program  is arranged since 2011 .The goals of this program is to become an effective global leader by learning and applying strategic skills, using execution excellence processes and fostering a global mindset  through  challenging project with innovative and creative approaches benefit UBE’s business globally. 


Volunteering activity  open opportunities for employees to spend their free time in developing themselves, community as well as society beyond established of UBE club. Employees can attend variety of activities such as sports, music band, Buddhist club, volunteer club. All in all, these activities are supported by senior management. It’s not only self-development and social contribution but also encourage effective team work.






Recruitment Center

All positions require Bachelor GPAX at least 2.75 and Master GPAX 3.30 Please send your resume with full details of qualifications, transcript, experiences, expected salary and recent photo with PDF File or Word to "recruit@ube.co.th" 

Contact : Recruitment Center

Tel: (038) 928801

Fax. (038) 928869