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Separation Membrances

Leveraging proprietary technology to improve safety and environmental performance
Gas Separation by Polyimide Membrane
UBE has supplied many Gas Separation Systems since 1985 by our own Aromatic Polyimide  Membrane. UBE produces all membrane materials : a monomer of polyimide, hollow fibers membrane. Also we design and guarantee Membrane Systems to ensure the Systems perform well. Restless R & D work to improve performance and durability that strongly supports reliability of our Membrane.

                          Nitrogen Separation Membrane 

                          H2 Separation Membrane 

                          Membrane Air Dryer 

                          CO2 Separation Membrane 

                          Dehydration System


UBE's polyimide membrane is produced by the condensation polymerizationof biphenyltetracarboxylic dianhydride and aromatic diamines. Itschemical formula is:

Ar shows divalent aromatic radical

The polyimide membanes are a type of hollow fiber with an asymmetricstructure as illustrated.
The dense layer serves to separate a gas mixture and is designedto be ultrathin in order to obtain a practical permeation rate.The microporous support of the membrane only reinforces the surfacedense layer and hardly affects gas separation. The hollow fibermembrane is uniformly manufactured in one-step process from thepolyimide dope and is wholly made of the same material.
Gas Separation by Membrane

Viewing polymeric materials magnified enough to be seen molecularlevel, it can be observed that there exists the space between molecules,along which gases can pass through. Accordingly, when gases, foundin both high and low partial pressure side, are existent separatedwith a pinhole-free polymer membrane, gases move from the high partialpressure side to the low partial pressure side due to the differentialpressure.
Our own gas separation-oriented membranes have permeability ofvarious gases as shown in the example data.
Compared with other gases, H20, H2, He and C02 enjoy a high permeability,which is why we can expect efficient separation of such permeablegases from mixed gases.
Module Configuration

UBE's polyimide membranes are all hollow fibers and the fiber bundleis compactly packed in a pressure vessel. A concept for UBE GASSEPARATOR; the membrane module for a separation of H2 or He, isshown. When a feed gas mixture is introduced into the Separatorkeeping the pressure of the permeate side lower than that of thefeed gas side, the permeable components in the feed gas pass throughthe membrane from the outer side to the inside of the hollow fiber.

High Purity Chemical Product
Leveraging advanced technology to provide a broad range of high quality products for semiconductor and LCD manufacturing
High Purity Boron Trichloride

The Specialty Chemicals & Products Company provides a stable supply of high purity  boron  trichloride that offers superior purity and quality through a comprehensive system of production starting from raw materials produced using Ube own technology, to synthesis and purification. We export high purity boron trichloride across the globe, in addition to our leading market share in Japan.


High purity boron trichloride is used in a broad range of applications such as drying etching gases for aluminum wiring used in semiconductor and LCD manufacturing, as well as applications like these Raw material for boron nitride, pharmaceuticals, agricultural raw material, catalyst for synthesis, dopant (for optical fibers, solar cells, other)





High Purity Chemicals

High Purity Sulfuric Acid, High Purity Nitric Acid, High Purity Aqueous Ammonia Stringent attention to quality control and a comprehensive system of production from manufacturing to filling enables us to produce high quality and high purity chemicals that are extremely low in impurities such as metal ions and particles. These chemicals meet the demands for quality required for manufacturing of next generation 300 mm wafers and beyond.


Wafer cleansing, wafer etching, removing resist from wafers 

Metal Organic (MO) Compounds

We offer metal organic compounds such as gallium, aluminum, indium, zincand magnesium. Using proprietary processes for synthesis and refining,we are able to produce ultra high purity compounds that are low in impuritiessuch as metal and other oxygen compounds and halogen compounds. Our productsare used for compound semiconductor materials such as GaAs InP, AllnGaPand GaN.


Light emitting diodes (LEDs), laser diodes (LDs), light receiving elements, electronic devices (MMICs, HEMTs, FETs), solar cells



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