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 Kaizen & Innovation

 Kaizen and Innovation project has been  launched since 2004 for our staffs to share idea of improvement. Every year, our staffs  have submitted lot of ideas and projects which are very worthy and make the real profit to our company.


QA/QC and HSE Global Meeting 






Along with internal meeting of each company, the UBE group global meeting program for UBE Japan, UBE Europe (Spain) and UBE Thailand to join and share information of quality including safety and environmental matters has been set and scheduled for once a year.All information, projects and ideas are exchanged and collaborate of problem solving to ensure that all non-conformity matters are completely solved.


Responsible Care






The Public Commitment in the Responsible Care Global Charter meeting had signed by CEO, Dr. Charunya Phichitkul since March 2009. The RC program continue with  Thailand Responsible Care which is established by Chemical Industry Club / The Federation of Thai Industries (CIC / FTI).The 6 Codes ,GHS seminar had been carried out and lately,the commitment for all 6 code risk assessment has signed in year 2012.


With over 20 Billion Baht asset and 600 employees in Thailand, UBE Group (Thailand) continues to improve and expand in production capacity and products lines. Thailand has also been selected as one of three strategic locations besides Japan and Spain for future UBE investment