Special English Education Program for Elementary School Students



UBE Group (Thailand) launched a project to provide quality English education for local youth in Rayong, Thailand since 2019. We selected an established English academy to be our partner to teach English to the elementary students at a local school near our factory. In the first year, we held the English lessons outside of school on weekends. From the second year, the school arranged a schedule for students to take English lessons after school hours in their classroom. Currently, we are unable to execute the lessons due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are making an effort to resume the lessons to provide continual support.

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Co-sponsoring an educational program for developing excellent technicians

UBE Group (Thailand) provided 500,000 Thai baht to Vocational Chemical Engineering Practice College (V-ChEPC). V-ChEPC is an educational program designed to develop skilled, knowledgeable technicians in the field of petrochemical engineering.

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Donating 800 bottles of insect repellent for supporting flood victims

UBE Group (Thailand) donated 800 bottles of insect repellent to the Ministry of Industry to support flood victims.

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Joining the Tod Kathin Ceremony with Local Residents

UBE Group (UBE Group (Thailand) joined the Tod Kathin Ceremony at Pluakket Temple located near our factory on October 24, 2021. The Tod Kathin Ceremony is an annual Buddhist ceremony for presenting monks with new yellow robes and accruing merit. We attended the ceremony along with local residents and made a donation to the temple.

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