Ammonium Sulfate

Ammonium Sulfate (NH₄)₂SO₄(แอมโมเนียมซัลเฟต), a typical Nitrogen-based, water-soluble, and fast acting fertilizer with both nitrogen and sulfur for crop production.

Its application to suit a wide range of industrial use includes: artificial-silk and cell phone industries, medicine manufacturing, enzymes culturing and leather tanning manufacturing.

We are the partner of global leading fertilizer producers and distributors seeking premium and high quality of Ammonium sulfate. With a wide product portfolio of ammonium sulfate of different grades, UBE is the world’s go-to solution provider for all ammonium sulfate users.

Solution Provider for NPK Producers

Our high quality Ammonium sulfate can be conformed with other fertilizers, making it an efficient product to farmers.

Hygienic plus elaborate warehouse

At UBE Chemicals (Asia) PCL, this warehouse is being monitored on a 24/7 basis. Hygiene is one of our key responsibilities committed by our organization. Our warehouse is thus managed by nearly 100 percent closed system enabling the product always safe and clean. Furthermore, our packaged products are packed neatly and stored by using high standard racks making the product always stabilized during our storage. Finally, our products are always in stock and available for delivery at 24/7 basis.

UBE Ammonium Sulfate Characteristics

  • Long-life storage: Hardly break with excellent hardness, 0% Lumping with low moisture
  • NPK perfect combination: No pessimistic reaction to other ingredients of NPK fertilizer
  • Constant production: Steady quality in every batch with high quality standard of Ammonium Sulfate are produced in every batch, thanks to our high production technology


Ammonium sulfate (Amsul) (NH₄)₂SO₄ (แอมโมเนียมซัลเฟต) : one of the major fertilizers for plants bringing the green to all crops.

It is one of the first and most widely used nitrogen (N) fertilizers for crop production. Apart from N, its sulfur provides an excellent effect to crops and improves yield increasing benefit to farmers. Amsul can be used as single fertilizer and also combine with others to be NPK fertilizer.

Amsul is used as Single/Straight fertilizer. This type is applied directly to crops such as rice, pineapple, and palm etc.

Amsul is used as compound fertilizer and bulk blended fertilizer. Both of them are well-united with P and K bringing effective NPK to crops such as sugarcane, rubber, and maize etc.

With our outstanding characteristics, UBE AMSUL is solution for a variety of application.

Granular product
Direct application and bulk blending.

ASW (Ammonium sulfate white)

ASWL (Ammonium sulfate white large)

ASCL (Ammonium sulfate color large)

Crystalline product
Direct application/ a raw material for compound fertilizer.


As a result of a high control production, UBE can deliver a pure and premium solution to the industry for those who are looking for the highest quality Ammonium sulfate (Amsul)(NH₄)₂SO₄ (แอมโมเนียมซัลเฟต) and intend to bring the best to the customers and their by-products.

Halal Certified product

(Ammonium sulfate powder)

Amsul for Industrial Use

Amsul is highly functional fertilizer and is essential in various technical and industrial applications including Alum, water treatment, leather tanning, flame retardants, cellulosic insulation, metal purification and textile dyeing.

Amsul for food

Hygienic control is carried out from the start to finish; from sourcing raw material to processing and production. This allows our Amsul to become essential in the application of wide range of food such as, sausage casing, yeast, beverage and fermentations.

Amsul for Pharmacy

With the help of brilliant technology, UBE provides you the purest and highest quality of Amsul which is vital in the production of the like of Enzymes, vaccine, protein extraction.

Amsul for Feed

Amsul is a non-organic nitrogen source for cattle and other ruminants. It can significantly facilitate your cattle to have and maintain good digestion, a significant factor in the well-being of a cattle’s life.

Amsul for Herbicide

By mixing UBE Amsul with Glyphosate, it will improve uptake of the targeted weed species. Our product is designed to have high level of purity to prevent plugged nozzles and screens and also well soluble with cold water.