Circular Economy

UBE Group (Thailand) Circular

Circular Economy is a new yet now widely adopted economy model where an efficient system on how to best use natural resources or raw materials is put at the centre stage in a business model or economic approach. The transition from traditional model of linear economy (Take – Make – Dispose) to circular economy (Make – Use – Return) goes through the reuse economy approach. By adding a missing link to the linear economy approach, the latter focuses on creating a product that is recyclable when it ends its life cycle instead of throwing away after use in the first. The main purpose of circular economy is to prevent unnecessary waste. And by extension, it is more profitable through reduction of wastefulness as well as environmental impacts in the whole production cycle.

Won Project

As an organization, we are committed to practice waste segregation and carry out waste recycling management with efficiency. PET bottles, tin cans, glass, paper and other type of plastic are thus being segregated and managed in our factory on a regular basis.

We believe that circular economy can only effectively become the company’s attainable goal if employees are encourage to learn through participation on how circular economy can be achieved, starting from their workplace and onto their daily life. Hence “วน” or circular project is initiated with a target of recycling waste set for each employee.

The purpose of “วน” (WON) or circular project is to reduce the amount of plastic waste ejected to the environment. Plastic bags and plastic film left out in the production lines are being recycled and circulating within the system for a prolonged period of time, reducing the consumption of plastic.